Monday, February 10, 2014

projects of passion

I started this blog in 2011, but it had a different name and I didn't set out to have it be something that strangers would read. And then I took a break before coming back as Happy Tuesday, throwing myself into the blogging world, and giving this a real try. I used a calendar to plan out my posts. I went to Alt Summit NYC.

But lately (and maybe this is something you have been able to tell) my heart isn't in Happy Tuesday as much. Some of my content has felt a little forced for me, and that is lame and unfair to people who are kind enough to frequent this space. It isn't even the fault of how I am in a graduate degree program and working part time. It's just that there are many more things I am being pulled toward: contributing for other sites, the new instagram project I am launching, and other endeavors that are important to me. To say that "I'm busy" wouldn't be accurate or fair.

Part of it is that I am less interested in myself. I have found myself wondering a lot lately, why would anyone care what I did this weekend or what I had for dinner last night? Who cares what YouTube videos and Etsy finds I like this week? And then I would think about all of the nice comments I get, the few but kind followers I have, and even the other blogs I like to read. I care about them and I care about their lives and what they like. This isn't an attack on other bloggers or blogs. I think this world can be quite strange sometimes, but at the end of the day I think it's amazing how close we can get to people who would otherwise be strangers we would never know. There would still be these cool kindred spirits out there, living in other parts of the world, but we would never know them unless we had their blogs.

My goal for this blog was originally to share the little things--the average days, the photos I was inspired to take even if nothing big was happening. Something has shifted, though, and I now would say that goal is best met, for me, on Instagram. That is how I use my Instagram, so why should I try to do that in two places? My conclusion has been that I don't think I should.

What am I trying to say here? THIS IS NOT THE END. I know that is a dramatic sentence, but:
I am not going to stop using this space and I am not going to delete it.
There are always going to be things that move me and that I will want to photograph, write about, and share.
I am still going to post here, but it will not be as frequent.
Gone are the days of four posts a week.
I will be posting when I have something to say, not when I find myself thinking "it's been a few days, I need to come up with something to post."
I will stop stressing about having too many similar posts in a row.
I will feel less guilty for not replying to comments. Hey commenters, I so appreciate you. And I follow and read your blogs, even if my lack of commenting doesn't make that clear. 
I will continue featuring people with the "This Was Me" series, since getting to know others is my favorite thing about the blogging community.
When I do photography sessions, this will still be the place I'll post images and talk about them.
If something big/exciting happens to me, this will still be a place I will share it.

I'm not going anywhere, I just want to put less pressure on myself when it comes to having this blog. I believe in having projects of passion in your life and in only doing something if you do it with your whole heart and brain and body. So unless I am moved to, I will not throw any old thing up on this blog.

I hope this is a thought that excites you as much as it does me. This means that anything that makes it onto this site is something I really want you to see. I hope you will join me as I slow down, consider life more, and share what I think actually matters.

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  1. I understand what you're saying. There's no point forcing yourself to put up content, especially if you're not happy with the results. I go through stints on my blog where I don't post for a week or two and then there's some days I post nearly every day for a week.

    I wish you all the luck with your endeavours & look forward to future posts from you :)