Friday, January 3, 2014

little things: some christmas gifts & other things

1. When I was buying gifts on Amazon this season, I needed a few more dollars for free shipping (I hate paying for shipping), so I threw this in my cart. I have only used the classic white bordered film in my Instax camera, but when I saw this rainbow film, I had to try it out. (Also, it was much cheaper when I bought it!) I haven't used it yet, but as soon as the white pack I have in there now runs out, I'll play with the colored film.

2. Peter bought me two knives from my favorite collection for Christmas. They are KAI for Williams Sonoma and I really like them. They aren't the most expensive knives in the store, but I think they work great and I like how they feel in my hand. Now I have three of them and I'm excited to get back to my apartment and cook with them!

3. Peter also gave me this amazing present: perfume that smells like books. It's called Paper Passion Perfume. I don't know if I would say it smells exactly like paper, but the essence is definitely there. The packaging is also really cool--it comes in a book with hallowed out pages.

4. I try not to buy things that serve no purpose except as clutter, but these Mini Kitty Box House Sticky Notes from MochiThings were too darling to pass up.

5. It's been a tradition for the three years that we have been dating for me and Peter to give each other these blind box keychains. He gave me one containing the hot chocolate mug and it is so cute!

6. I was buying things from Crate and Barrel to give as Christmas gifts when I realized I don't really own a proper bottle opener. The ones I have are mostly ones I got for free and are basically just advertisements. I liked the way this one looked, so I bought it.

7. This was my birthday present from Peter--a necklace featuring a small cat head from Stay Home Club. It's perfect and I've been wearing it pretty much every day. I feel bad for neglecting my NJ necklace. Does anyone have any advice for wearing two silver necklaces at once? I like the layered look but they always get tangled! Is there a solution to this? Should I just buy some kind of draped double chain or something?

8. My favorite boardwalk food stand has opened a restaurant! It's called MOGO and it's wonderful. I've been twice since I've been home for break. While maybe the experience of eating the tacos standing up or on a bench and trying not to spill them was maybe part of the magic of this boardwalk stand, eating the tacos at a table was just as delicious.

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  1. perfume that smells like books?!
    sounds too good to be true :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. Everything is lovely :) I've always gone for the plain film with my Instax too.. maybe it's time to venture out?