Friday, December 6, 2013

gift ideas for: foodies

I decided to jump on the obligatory blogger gift guide train because I really like talking about stuff I think is cool.

The holidays are coming! Are you ready? If not, then you should really be freaking out right now. But don't worry, I put together a few gift guides of items special people in your life will love. You'll probably love these things, too, so feel free to use these as a way to drop hints, if you'd prefer.

Here are some things that the "foodie" in your life is sure to love. "Foodie" is kind of a dumb word, right? Who doesn't like food? I don't know why we need to call people who are more into food than others by a weird name. But anyway, here's a gift guide for what to get those people.

1. Takeya Fruit Infusion Pitcher. When I was in Seattle this summer, we stayed in a sort of fancy hotel and I was most impressed with--I'm not joking at all--the containers of infused water they had in the lobby. After a day of climbing ridiculous Seattle hills, I was always really excited to get back to the hotel and grab a glass of whatever flavored water they had out that day. I think this pitcher will be basically like giving that experience to someone you like. This can also be a good hint for like, a parent or friend who drinks too much soda--"Please start drinking flavored water instead, because I care so much about your health," this gift says.

2. Short Stack Editions. My favorite part of an episode of Chopped is seeing what weird ingredients the contestants are given and watching what they come up with. These little booklets, with recipes all based on one ingredient, seem like delightful gifts for the person in your life who really, really likes strawberries or eggs or sweet potatoes.

3. Faucet Face bottles. This is the only item on the list that I actually own, and I love mine. I use one of these bottles every day, even though there's someone in one of my classes who (jokingly? maybe?) sort of makes fun of me for it. I like these because they're durable, they're cute, and they make me feel better than I feel when I drink plastic bottled water.

4. I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measure. I am terrible at measuring spaghetti, and I'm sure you know someone who is, too. This is probably the most clever pasta measure available--functional, funny, unexpected. And maybe a little disturbing?

5.  The Kinfolk Table. Kinfolk makes beautiful magazines, so I'm sure their new cookbook is beautiful, too. I love their photos and design elements, so whether or not the recipes are any good, this book will be a lovely addition to someone you love's cookbook collection.


  1. These are such cute gift ideas! I especially love those water bottles, I usually have a hard time finding pretty ones.