Monday, December 16, 2013

gift guide: for him

Did you finish your shopping yet? If not, you probably need to get on that. There is a little over a week until Christmas! Here are some ideas to help you if you're still looking for perfect presents.

I know it is offensive and rude to lump all males together in one category. But here are some gifts that the guys in your life might approve of. Spoiler alert: three out of five of these are things I have given my boyfriend in previous years, and he liked them so I thought I would share them with any desperate, last-minute shoppers out there.

1. Necktie. A tie is one of those things you can probably give your significant other/father/brother/male friend and it will always be appreciated. And cool ties are appreciated even more. QP Collections makes some really beautiful and special ties, often using interesting vintage fabrics. I'm loving the the Messier Nebula ties they're currently offering. A few years ago, I gave Peter a denim tie from this company and I was impressed with how well-made it was.

2. Knife. I could probably talk all day about how cool I think the branding of Best Made Co. is and how much I wish I was super outdoorsy so I could justify buying everything they make. But instead I will just say that I like how this knife looks and it seems special enough to give as a gift.

3. Flask. If you know a guy who shows up to parties and events with a plastic bottle full of booze, it's time to get that gentleman a flask. Last Christmas I gave Peter a flask from Izola--not because he is the kind of person who transports alcohol in plastic bottles, but because it seemed like a classy gift and Izola's flasks come in all kinds of fun sayings.

4. Cufflinks. Men don't have as many fun accessories as women do, so cufflinks are really fun. This Etsy shop, UniqueArtPendants, has a lot of cool cufflinks in different designs and styles, so if your guy likes them, you'll probably find a pair to suit him here.

5. Watch. Okay, so, Mr. Jones Watches are probably the most perfect watches on the planet. Sometimes I just look at their website and want to cry about how perfect they are and how little money I have to spend on them. I did buy one, once, for Peter's birthday a few years ago. It was a gift I wanted to give because I thought the watch said I think you're special and cool and the best.

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