Monday, December 30, 2013

favorite posts of 2013

Thank you for reading, pinning, following, and being involved with my blog in 2013! I thought it would be fun to look back at the posts from the year that were my favorite in some way. I excluded photo shoot/client posts, because I am going to be thinking about my favorite photos of 2013 in another post.

A Look at the Beach. I kept pretty quiet on my blog about 2012's hurricane Sandy. I have a lot of photos from that time that I don't feel okay about sharing. But this post, one of my first of 2013, contains a few words and photos of a beach I haven't been back to since this day.

Can We Just Talk About How Great Bed Is? Because, seriously, bed is the best. I am having trouble this winter break getting out of bed in the morning.

DIY: A Valentine's Award Ribbon Card. I always try to make Peter homemade cards for holidays and birthdays, and I was particularly proud of the one I made for last valentine's day.

Photos From a Greenhouse. I am moderately outdoorsy. I like being in nature, walking outside, and enjoying nice weather. I'm not so fond of the cold, but last year I realized that one of my favorite parks has this great greenhouse that is always hot. Visiting it was the perfect way to feel like I was being a part of nature without getting to cold.

Little Things: Bright Summer. My favorite Little Things post of the year is definitely this one.

Alt NYC Take-Aways. In June, I went to Alt NYC! It was a great experience and it made me want to step up my game with blogging. I was inspired by Alt and the people I met there to really start thinking about how to build a community through my blog. After Alt, I started going guest posts (when I went on vacation, then a regular feature) and I added some "friends" to my sidebar.

Working From Home (When You Don't Think You Can). For some of year, a big part of my day-to-day life was working from home. I worked a few days a week for another photographer at his office, but the rest of the time I did personal projects, my blog, and worked on photos from my own little business. I like this post that I put together where I talk about my schedule and what I did to make sure I utilized it as best I could.

Stirrings Key Lime Margarita Ice Pops. I made these ice pops last summer and they were so tasty. I even won a Stirrings recipe contest with them!

How I Photographed My Vacation. This August, I went on a family vacation to Seattle and Vancouver Island (mainly Victoria and Sooke). I brought my DSLR, iPhone, and an Instax Mini camera with me. It was tricky to balance using all of those cameras in different situations. I put together this post where I reflected on that and showed the same building as I photographed it through each one of my cameras.

Seattle! On that note, here is my post that recaps my time in Seattle.

Vancouver Island! ...and the Vancouver Island post.

Getting Settled. In the fall, I started a masters degree program and moved into a student apartment. This post is a little peek at the room and how I started decorating it.

Take Two Tuesday: Booze-Related Edition. In the fall, I started doing weekly posts on Tuesdays that showcase two things I'm into each week. This week's post featured a cocktail calendar and a button down shirt with drinks printed on it.

A Fall Drink: Apple Cider Spiked With Snap. This cocktail tastes like fall, so naturally I had a few of them during the autumn months. They were a hit at Thanksgiving, too.

This Was Me: A New Guest Blogger Feature. I began a regular guest post feature in the fall. In it, I ask bloggers to photograph themselves holding a childhood photo of themselves and to talk about who they were then versus who they are now. I have had a few so far, but this post is the one that kicked off the series (and is also about myself).

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  1. So cool to revisit these, especially the one where you started that guest series. That's how I found you and started following you! I'd love to be a part of that series someday. =]